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10 Summer Beauty Hacks For Your Holiday

We all love summer and the long days of hot sun, but it can be a real nightmare for a beauty regime. From sweaty armpits to frizzy fringes, there are potential cosmetic calamities around every corner. We’ve put together a great list of 10 summer beauty hacks for your holiday. Now you can outwit everything that summer has to throw at you, always looking and feeling fresh.

holiday beauty hacks

Post beach baby powder

To stop sand from sticking to your body, keep a small bottle of baby powder in your beach bag. Believe it or not, it acts as a sand repellant; rub it into your skin, wet or dry, and you’ll stay smooth and sand-free.

Frozen Aloe Vera

A great way for treating sunburn, freeze aloe vera oil in an ice-cube tray. After a long hot day in the sun, rub it on your burnt bits and it will help reduce the burn and aid the tanning process. Not to mention it will relieve the pain.

Get rid of sweat stains

It happens to the best of us; try as we might, on hot summer days we’re all going to sweat. Ensure your clothes remain sweat-stain free by rubbing lemon juice into the armpits before washing. By the end of the cycle, your clothes will be stain free.  

The toothbrush trick

Frizzy hair is an unfortunate side effect of hot weather. A toothbrush can be a nifty tool for taming the frizz on the go. Spray the brush with hairspray and brush the hair around your ears and neckline. It does a great job of smoothing down your hair and ensure it stays in place.

Shave your legs less

Summer is a time for getting your legs out, but keeping them soft and smooth can be a real chore. Try mixing sugar, lemon and water when shaving your legs. It’s a natural remedy which slows down hair growth, keeping you smoother for longer.

Stop Sandal Blisters

We all love wearing our sandals in the summer, but the blisters they cause can really put on a dampener on a good day. Spray your ankles and toes with deodorant before putting your sandals on. It prevents the buildup of moisture which causes friction and results in blisters.

Keep nail polish cool

The hot weather can make nail polish bubble up when being applied. Once it does so, it can be really tricky to achieve a nice finish. Keep your nail polish in the fridge and it will stay smooth and silky resulting in a strong and vibrant finish.

Potato pedicure

You can use a potato to exfoliate your feet and it does a surprisingly good job. Cut a potato in half and coat it generously with sea salt. Rub it along the bottom and sides of your feet for an instant and effective exfoliator. Your feet will stay smooth and sandal friendly.

Extra Shimmer and Shine

If you want to give your skin a real summer shimmer and glow, try adding a sprinkle of copper or gold eyeshadow to moisturiser or bronzer. Don’t go crazy, but just a little bit can give you an enviable glow.

Clean your razor in olive oil to prevent rust

In summer, we shave our legs a lot more than we do in winter. Our razors get a lot more use and those notoriously pricey blades need replacing more often. You can help keep the blade in top condition for longer by cleaning it with olive oil after use. It helps prevent the metal blade from rusting so they require replacing much less often.