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10 Ways To Save Money With Jive Hippo®
Skint from last Christmas, or decided that 2017 will be the year that your finances will be back on track? Whatever your reasons for wanting to save money this year, we’re here to help. We’ve put together 10 ways to save money – before you know it you’ll be a savvy saver! 💰


Clear your credit card debt

When it comes to money saving, an essential rule is to clear your biggest debts first. In other words, your outstanding credit card debts. As we are all aware, they are fantastic and convenient for paying off, however, if you can’t clear the balance every month, you should maybe consider looking into alternatives. When you sign up with Jive Hippo®, for example, you can save hundreds of pounds a year on the stuff you buy anyway, which should help you get a handle on any debts.


Make a shopping list

A trip to the supermarket can a be a tough with all those deals on offer. Be realistic on what you need, make a list and stick to it. It’s to dig out those celebrity chef cookbooks and give a few recipes a go. You can even use your Jive Hippo® vouchers in Sainsbury’s, which will save you a lot on that weekly shop!



From Armani to Primani – cut out designer bands

You can still look good by purchasing fashionable clothes without the designer price tag, whether you’re shopping online or offline. If you prefer a proper shop to buying online, then Jive Hippo® has a huge range of high street retailers to choose from, all with discount prices. All year round, and not just during sales periods, you can find the perfect outfit, in the stores you love, with discounts you simply couldn’t get elsewhere.

Don’t use it? Ebay it!

Have a good look around the house at things you simply don’t use anymore, so why not sell them to someone else who does? Have a good rummage around – you’ll be surprised what you’ll find!



DIY Projects

See yourself as a bit of a handyman/woman? If so why not create your own very projects from scratch… you really could save yourself a small fortune. If you want to improve your skillset, it’s definitely worth signing up to courses at your local college. Learning a trade such as plumbing will help you avoid those costly call out charges in the long run.


Be strict and say NO!

Do you really need another pair of shoes, and why does one round always turn into 5? Stop. Be strict, be disciplined, and say NO! Willpower and saying that magic word could save you a fortune. You’ll be surprised!



Walk/Cycle to Work

It’s time to ditch the car or public transport and get fit! Whilst saving money on petrol and bus/train fares you’ll be burning off all those calories from the festive period!



Cut down on the booze

A few pints or glasses of vino after work all mounts up – cut your intake down and you’ll be amazed how much you’ll save each week.



Use your talent to your advantage

Whether your talent is singing or speaking Spanish fluently, use your talent to your advantage. Why not teach your particular talent to others? This is a great way to bring in some extra income.



Use prices comparison sites

Use comparison sites as part of money saving arsenal, looking for cheaper insurance? It takes a few clicks to find and compare various policies.




We hope our 10 ways to save money is useful and we hope you use it as a reference guide as part of your money saving plan for this year. What other money saving tips would have you added to our list? Feel free to get in touch via our social channels.

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