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5 Cheap Last Minute Summer Trips With Jive Hippo Club

As a member of the Jive Hippo Club, you have the chance to benefit from great deals on summer flights from various airlines including EasyJet, Monarch and Emirates. So with such great deals on offer, isn’t it about time you booked a last minute summer trip? We’ve scoured the best cheap last minute trips out there to bring you the best the world has to offer.


Tenerife is the best of the best when it comes to affordable summer holidays. Gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery and some of the best beaches that Europe has to offer. Known as The Island of Eternal Spring, Tenerife enjoys great weather year round, so if you’re looking for somewhere to visit in late summer, but still want hot sun, you can’t get better than this. There is so much to enjoy, including great food, world-beating clubs, the Teide National Park and some of the best walking and mountain biking on the continent.

last minute summer trips

The Netherlands

If you want more of a cultural break than a beach holiday, take advantage of great deals to The Netherlands. One of Europe’s most beautiful nations, famous cities like Amsterdam are balanced out by breathtaking countryside.

It’s a nation rich with history and crazy for cycling. So jump on your bike and take a leisurely ride around this country of loving people, a dense heritage, and iconic cities, architecture and culture.  Enjoy the tulip fields, the windmills and the many lessons you will learn about the growth of modern civilisation.


Venture a little further this summer with a great value trip to Brazil. The South American nation is unmistakable for its colours, culture and festival spirit. Some of the best beaches on the globe attract the bold and the beautiful from the world over.

Samba rhythms, street carnivals, astonishing cuisine and of course, a nation full of football crazy locals. Once you’ve been to Brazil, you will never ever forget it. And now you can get there for much less than you thought with Jive Hippo Club.


An often overlooked European holiday destination, but soon to hit the spotlight, Croatia is a really interesting nation on the very edge of the continent.

Visit either the mainland or one of the various smaller islands and you’ll find stunning land formations leading to enormous, gorgeous beaches. The locals are obsessed with seafood, so you’d best get involved, it’s famed world-over for its freshness and quality.

Croatia is a wonderful mix of Mediterranean lifestyle and Parisian style. Cities like Dubrovnik, considered one of the most romantic towns in the world, attract young lovers and fashionistas, while the coastal towns and island villages all for a much more relaxed and authentically Croatian experience. Either way, you’ll love it.  


At the very tip of North Africa, you find Morocco, a vibrant and bustling nation of sensuous sights and smells. The food here is unreal and unforgettable, and the local hospitality is second to none. Spend your time in the culture-filled cities or venture into the beautiful African countryside. Stunning surroundings, glorious wildlife and a real chance to experience life at a very different pace. Morocco will stay with you and change the way you see the world around you. P.S Some of the street markets are the best you’ll ever find; musical instruments, rugs, bags, furniture and so much more. Be prepared to barter with the vendors, that’s the way things are done here.