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Plan The Perfect Summer Barbecue With Jive Hippo.club

When summer arrives, we might just be lucky enough to get a few weeks of glorious sunshine; maybe not, but let’s be optimistic. And what’s better, on a beautiful sunny day, than a back garden BBQ with your friends and family?  Before you go about sending out the invites, here are our tips for planning the perfect summer BBQ with Jive Hippo.club.

Clean the BBQ!

It’s boring, I know, but it’s imperative that your BBQ is clean before any cooking even begins. That means scrubbing the grill and the bowl to make sure there’s no leftover grease from your last barbie. If you don’t do this, your guests are going to be trapped in wafting clouds of smoke as fire burns the old grease away. Not ideal. A dirty BBQ can also ruin the taste of the food.

summer barbecue

Signature Arrival Drinks

Wow your guests with your very own signature cocktail, and thrust it into their hands when they arrive. Make it fruity and boozy, something to compliment the summer weather.

If you’re not much of a mixologist, then keep it simple. Choose your favourite cocktail and just add your own twist. Perhaps a mojito with a fiery hit of chilli?

Don’t Forget the Sides

If you’re throwing a BBQ party, you’ve gotta do it properly; you can’t skimp on the side dishes. Pasta, salad, spuds, couscous, sweet corn etc. Some great side dishes can really make a BBQ memorable.

Try a few dishes that your guests might not expect. Add a kick to your sides with some generous licks of Indian spices and flavourings, or go to the Mediterranean with fresh basil, olive oil and cured meats.

Games and Entertainment

It’s not all about the food, your guests might be there all day so they’re going to need something to do.

It’s always good fun to get the outdoor games out of the shed for the day. Badminton, Boules, rounders and even volleyball can be great fun for everybody. For something less athletic, board games can be a blast, especially as the day rolls on and everyone has had a couple of drinks.

Who’s Cooking?

It sounds daft, but it needs to be agreed beforehand who is going to responsible for looking after the food while it’s on the BBQ. If you don’t, you run the risk of the BBQ going unattended for too long, which can often result in crispy sausages and rock-hard burgers.

Where Are We Eating?

Another easy thing that many people often overlook. Where is everyone going to sit and eat? Have you got enough chairs? If not, maybe some picnic blankets could work for those with younger knees. Are people going to be able to eat your food from a plate on their laps? Or will they need a table and cutlery? If you don’t have room, people end up scattered all around, some of them might even have to go inside, and suddenly, the party is a little segregated.