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Get Through The School Summer Holidays With Jive Hippo Club

The school holidays are upon us! Which is both good and bad news, right? It’s a joy for the children, 6 hard-earnt weeks of fun and sun, but for us adults, it can quite quickly become pretty overwhelming. But we’re here to help! Here are our tips to get through the school summer holidays.

Get people involved

One of the best things about having a family, or really close friends, is that you can always enlist them to help look after the kids during the long school summer holidays. Don’t be too cheeky, you can only expect the odd day here and there (unless they’re the grandparents, in which case you’ll be hard pushed to even get the kids back), otherwise people will start to get a little annoyed.

Not only can other people help create freedom for you to do things, they can also take your kids on great days out, especially if they have similar aged kids as well.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is the single best way to avoid stress and strife during the school holidays. If you’re going on a day trip tomorrow, it’s always useful to know where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and what’s going to be waiting for you and the kids when you arrive. It’s the best way to avoid an unpleasant surprises, including the whether, opening hours of attractions and restaurant bookings.

school summer holiday

But also, be flexible

I know, I know, but it’s true. Yes, planning ahead is important, but it’s equally important to not completely lose your sense of spontaneity. Why? Because, if the sun comes up unexpectedly, maybe a picnic would be better than a restaurant table; if someone offers a last minute invite for a joint-family day out, take it! Variety is the spice of life, and although planning is great, try and remain a little open to surprises the world sends your way.


If we’re lucky enough to get some days of sunshine this summer, grab some balloons, water pistols and Super Soakers, it’s time for a water fight! Head into the garden, or even down the park, and go for it; adults vs kids; boys vs girls; each man for themselves, it doesn’t matter. The kids will simply love it, it’s great exercise and it will tire them out just enough to ensure a peaceful, tranquil summer evening.

Adventure walk, rain or shine

Something that kids love, no matter what the weather, is an adventure walk, through the hills, the woods, the mud. And it’s great fun for grown-ups too. There’s just something about exploring the countryside, and even more so a dense woodland. Hide and seek, cops and robbers, tig; there is no doubt that it will be a day to remember.

Kid-free Friday

Do it; take one day a week just for you. The kids could go to an activities day, or a workshop. Check out your local government’s website and see what free activities they are putting on during the holidays. Tennis, or swimming, or music; it’ll be good fun for the children and it will give you a little time to get your energy, both mental and physical, back up for the next 7 days.

Art and literature

This is something that is often overlooked; maybe it feels a little too much like school? But painting, drawing, finger painting, writing stories and poems, etc, are brilliant ways of spending a wet afternoon. Combine all of the skills together to create a short storybook with your kids. Then read it together as a family. Many public libraries host art days for kids and parents, so if you don’t have all the required equipment you can still get your creative juices flowing. As for the kids, it’s engaging, educational and is proven to increase their ability to learn and retain information.