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It’s that time again! Back to school. And whether that’s good news or bad, there’s a lot of stuff to think about in preparation for the new school year. What do you need? Where can you get it? Here at Jive Hippo Club, we’ve put our heads together to bring you a list of the essential things to remember when heading back to school.

back to school


School uniform can be a really costly thing over the course of a school year, especially if you’ve got more than one child to kit out. But you can combat most of that expense by buying higher quality garments in the first place. It’s really tempting to get the cheapest options, but you’ll end up spending more on replacements in the end.

Marks & Spencer has a great range of affordable but high-quality trousers, skirts and shoes for kids of all ages. Clarks shoes are also a good bet, always sturdy and reliable with a huge range of styles.  If you have a lot of children to prepare for school, and truly affordable uniforms is a must, Tesco has developed a strong reputation for their low-price yet reliable range for all ages.

Inside the Pencil Case

Prepare your kids for success with a well-stocked pencil case. Our best tip here is to buy in bulk; kids are always losing pens and pencils. We recommend a trip to WH Smith. They have a huge range of stationery to suit any budget and with loads of fun designs, your kids will be proud to show off their stationary on the first day of school.

It’s also important to have a fresh diary and plenty of notebooks. Argos has lots of affordable options, and John Lewis is a great choice too.

Family Calendar

The best way to assure a stress-free, well organised return to school is to implement a family calendar. Keep it in the kitchen so that everyone can see it each morning; the bigger the better. A large notice board is also a good way of doing it, but whatever your method, make sure it’s comprehensive and always kept up to date. Press home the importance of your kids putting school events on it, P.E class, football practice, orchestra, etc. If you get the system right in the first week, you’re looking good for the rest of the year.


Prepare for lunches

Preparing packed lunches each morning is a real pain and takes a huge bite out of your limited time. Instead, do one big weekly shop and, on Sunday evening, prepare as much as you can for the entire week’s lunches. Then, each morning, all you have to do is throw it all in a lunch box and send the kids off. With Jive Hippo Club you can get great discounts at Tesco, Iceland, M&S and more, helping to significantly reduce the cost of lunch. They also offer home delivery, so all you have to do is place the order online.


Having access to a computer is becoming more and more essential for school kids of all ages, and, as they get older, the more likely it is that they will need one for homework. While it’s much cheaper to have one laptop for the family, it might be time to think about buying your kids their own. Of course, this can be very pricey, especially if you have more than one to buy. However, with Jive Hippo Club discounts, you can get your hands on a great machine for less you think. John Lewis, Tesco, Argos and Amazon all have wide ranges of laptops and tablets, and you can have discounts at all of them!