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Jive Hippo Gardening Tips: Bring Your Garden to Life!

I know, I know, winter seems to have lasted forever. But Spring is here! It’s official. And now is the best time of the year to get outside and plant the seeds that will bring your garden to life all through the summer. 

If you follow these simple gardening tips from Jive Hippo, you too can experience the joy of the watching all of your seed sowing, digging and turning culminate in the beauty of a blossoming garden.  

Create your blank canvas

The first thing you have to do is resuscitate your garden back to life after a long, cold winter.

Dig all weeds up at the roots to ensure they never return, sweep and clear all debris like fallen leaves and then it’s time to revitalise the soil.

Winter will have left it compact and dry so first to need to add moisture to the soil; organic compost is always best. With a sharp trowel, thoroughly disrupt and loosen the earth, mixing it generously with the compost.

The veg patch

Spring, April in particular, is the perfect time to start growing your vegetable patch. Seeds you sow now will be ripe for picking throughout summer and into autumn.

Every seed has an exact ideal sowing date, so always check the packet but, in general, now is the time to get going with your lettuce, leeks, beets, chard, carrots, rocket and so on.

Be sure to sow seeds sparingly to allow the veg space to grow.

Gardening Tips from Jive Hippo

Spring Bulbs

You need to make sure you order or buy bulbs that naturally sprout in Spring and Summer.  

The first things you should plant are Gladiolus, Ranunculus and Lilies. These all love early Spring and will bloom for Summer.

Don’t forget to plan the overall effect you want to be left with. Choose plants whose colours complement one another; blues and whites, reds and yellows. If not, come Summer, your garden could look pretty bonkers.

Gardening Tips from Jive Hippo


Now that your garden is on its way, you still need to stay vigilant to bring it to maximum beauty.

Throughout Spring and into Summer, there a few things that you definitely need to do:

  • Generous and regular watering of your garden is essential, no excuses.
  • Don’t feed the birds so that they don’t have an excuse to hanging around the garden.Put any feeders or baths away until autumn.
  • In mid-Spring you need to mulch. Do so now and you’ll be more or less weed-free next year.
  • In late-Spring it’s time to remove deadhead bulbs and get rid of all spent blossom. If you have any Spring flowering shrubbery, you need to do the same, as well rejuvenate older plants by thinning out any branches that are too thick.

Gardening Tips from Jive Hippo

With these simple gardening tips you should have a bountiful and colourful garden to enjoy this summer.  And with all your Jive Hippo Club discounts, you can enjoy great savings on everything you need, from tools to seeds, outdoor furniture, and far beyond.