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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Jive Hippo High Street Vouchers

Jive Hippo high street vouchers are one of the best ways to access unbeatable offers and deals from hundreds of the UK’s biggest retailers.

With such great savings on offer, it’d be impossible for us to tell you about absolutely everything, so in one huge breath, let’s look at some of the biggest things that we wish everyone knew about our high street vouchers.

Enormous annual savings

On average our customers are making savings of over £9,000 a year without having to cut down on purchases. Jive Hippo high street vouchers cover such a vast array of retailers that you’ll be hard-pressed to find something you can’t get a discount on.

You might need a bigger closet

With great discounts from high street shops like Topshop, Ted Baker and Selfridges (to name but a few), you’re gonna need a bigger closet. But don’t worry, you can buy that with your B&Q vouchers.

Two deals for one

We don’t just give you one great offer at a time. No, no, no. We’ve worked it out so that when you purchase vouchers for one retailer, we throw in vouchers for a second store at no extra cost. For example, buy £150 worth of Boots vouchers* and we’ll give you a £50 voucher for John Lewis.

Food discounts right to your phone

Let’s say you’ve had a busy day of high street shopping. Your legs are aching and your stomach is rumbling. You didn’t know you’d feel like this at the start of the day, so you didn’t bother getting any vouchers for the hundreds of restaurants that we offer. Fear not, with Jive Hippo you can get restaurant discount codes sent directly to your phone whenever you need.

It couldn’t be more convenient

Buying our high street vouchers is a piece of cake. Just visit our site, browse the never-ending list of well-known high street brands and select the vouchers that are right for you. That’s it, you’re done. Which is important, because you’re going to need that time to get started on the shopping! No fuss, no bother.

Not just the high street

Yes, Jive Hippo high street vouchers are great, but sometimes it’s just easier to shop online. That’s why we also offer online discount vouchers for hundreds of companies including Amazon, ao.com and NotOnTheHighStreet.

We could go on and on about the great things that you can do with Jive Hippo high street vouchers, but who has the time? Don’t just take our word for it, Take a look for yourself and see all the ways in which you can save as you shop.

*plus 100 Monster credits

As seen with Mrs Bargain Hunter: http://www.mrsbargainhunter.co.uk/home/getting-ready-summer-garden-jive-hippo-club.