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For children, Halloween is probably the second best day of the year, just behind Christmas. But it’s also a great excuse for adults to tap into their inner child, dress up, get silly and have a great time with their friends. Make the most of Halloween this by hosting a truly spooky, grown-up party. With Jive Hippo Club, you can host the greatest party of all time for much less than you would think. Here’s our guide to throwing the spookiest Halloween party.

Pumpkin Carving

At this time of year, you can’t turn a corner without tripping over someone selling pumpkins. For your party, buy loads of them. But don’t carve them yourself, give one to each of your guests when they arrive and, throughout the night, people can carve away. Eventually, you’ll have spooky pumpkins dotted all around the house and garden, terrifying any trick-or-treater. At the end of the night, everyone can take their pumpkin home as a party favour.  Stock up now on great value pumpkins from Tesco.

Choose a Theme

Fancy dress is a given on Halloween, but up the stakes a little by introducing a theme for your party. It can be anything, but making it more adult orientated can help reduce the kid’s party vibe that Halloween can often bring. The toga party is always a classic, but you could go for something darker like celebrity zombies or even make it a murder mystery theme. Great costumes can be put together from Argos, Sainsbury’s, and TK Maxx.

Ghostly Cocktails

The fast track to a classy party is always cocktails. Give them a Halloween twist by adding red food colouring to mojitos for a bloody vibe; use spiced pumpkin to flavour G&Ts; invest in some dry ice to give your drinks a spooky, smokey addition; or even carve out a large pumpkin and use it as a punch bowl. You can get everything you need for ghoulish cocktails from Morrisons.

Ghastly Decorations

Fill your house with frights and delights by going all out on the decorations. But don’t just buy ready-made items, get creative with your own creations, too. Maybe paper mache masks, or scary artworks to hand on the walls. A firm favourite is always the sweet bowl with a hand inside it, ready to shock any sweet-toothed guests.  Fairy lights are also brilliant for that Halloween vibe and can add real atmosphere to a room instantly. Search the huge range on offer at John Lewis and make your house super scary this Halloween.

Frightening Entertainment

Crank up the fear and entertainment factors in one go with some scary party games and entertainment. Murder mystery is a great shout, especially if you have a lot of guests. If the number of people is around 20, or below, think about getting a Ouija board for a seance, or even hire a tarot card reader to tell your guests their destinies?