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Make The Most of Festival Season With Jive Hippo Club!

Festival season is upon us! And whether you’re a camper or a glamper, you’ve got a lot to do in preparation. But don’t worry, here at Jive Hippo, we’re experienced festival goers. We took a vote, and here’s what we think are the most important things to remember in order to make the festival season with Jive Hippo Club!


Once you’ve chosen which festival you’re heading to, it’s time to choose what type of festival goer you’re going to be. Are you getting down and dirty, camping among the masses? Or are you going upmarket, a teepee or a yurt?

If you’re tenting, it’s time to choose your shelter wisely. If you’re working on a tight budget, this four-man tent from Argos is great value at just twenty quid.  If you’ve got more to spend and really want to make sure you get a tent that will withstand whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you, this 2-man from Halfords is a winner.

Whatever the weather

The weather plays one of the biggest roles in your festival weekend, and you need to be prepared for anything, given how unpredictable the British summer can be.

Thinking positively, pack plenty of suncream and keep it with you all day. You can get small travel bottles from Superdrug, perfect for a small handbag. Take a hat, too, as that’s the best way to avoid sunstroke.

But, if the rain comes, you still need to be ready. Lightweight waterproofs and ponchos are super affordable, and wellies can be picked up anywhere from Topshop to Tesco.

Make sure you don’t leave anything outside, overnight. There’s nothing worse the morning after than having to force on wet socks and wellies.

festival season


The food and drink stalls at festivals offer some seriously great treats, but you just know they’re going to be expensive. That’s why it’s always a bright idea to take a good stock of supplies with you.

Raid the supermarket shelves, get everyone in the group to chip in. Make sure you get plenty of bottled water.

By taking booze, sandwiches, noodles, chocolate etc, you’re going to save yourself a tonne of money.

Staying in touch

Even though a festival is a good excuse to put down the tech, forget about Facebook and just enjoy the moment, but it’s very useful to be able to stay in touch with your friends over the weekend. Not everyone wants to see the same bands, but meeting up afterwards can be a nightmare if you can’t call each other.

So dig out your old dumb-phone and charge it up. Take a spare battery if you can. If you’re taking your smartphone, think about getting one of these USB portable chargers. Alternatively, another great way of staying in touch, and loads of fun too, is walkie-talkies. This pair from Curry’s are perfect.