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What Should I Buy With My Jive Hippo Vouchers?

With such an overwhelming choice of offers and savings, it can be tricky deciding what to actually spend your Jive Hippo Vouchers on. Check out our quick quiz to help you decide!

Q1. Which of the following describes your perfect weekend?

a. Saturday night on the town and all day Sunday under the duvet.

b. A family adventure.

c. Wandering the streets of Paris, Rome or maybe Vienna, hand-in-hand with the one you love.

d. Finally baking that perfect sponge cake. Not a soggy bottom in sight.

Q2. What would you most like to achieve this year?

a. Make sure I always look my best.

b. Spend more time with the kids.

c. See more of the world.

d. Take better care of my body.

Q3. Would you rather…

a. Have front row seats at London Fashion Week

b. Ride the world’s tallest rollercoaster.

c. Have room service bring up champagne for two.

d. Have your entire family, even the weird ones, over for Sunday lunch.

Q4. If you won the lottery, what would you do first?

a. Buy an entirely new wardrobe.

b. Take the family on a dream holiday.

c. Weekend in Vegas in a Penthouse suite.

d. Throw a giant party for your family and friends.

Q5. It’s a beautiful, sunny day. Where do you want to be?

a. Ladies’ Day at Ascot.

b. Feeding monkeys at the zoo.

c. A rooftop swimming pool with views over the city.

d. Picnicking in the park. Maybe a little chilled white wine.

What Should I Buy With My Jive Hippo Vouchers? Your Results!

Mostly A:

You should be heading down to TopShop or Topman. With your Jive Hippo vouchers you can get yourself ready for the summer sun. Whether it’s a week on the beach, a big night out or even a beautiful wedding, you’ll be dressed to impress and feeling great.

Mostly B:

Use your vouchers on a Kids Pass and get your kids into loads of great activities, nationwide. We’re talking theme parks, art classes, zoos, swimming pools, museums, music, bowling, go-karting and so much more.

Mostly C:

Use your vouchers at Hilton Worldwide for a romantic weekend break. Visit the cities you’ve always dreamt of seeing and spend your nights in the luxurious comfort of a world-renowned Hilton hotel.

Mostly D:

Maybe you should use your vouchers at Sainsbury’s. With their range of delicious food and drink, you can treat yourself to some of the finer things in life. Add glamour to your dinner party with champagne and canapes, or escape the city with a bountiful picnic. Cheese and biscuits, honey roast ham, and oodles of strawberries with cream; all in your own private field.